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  1. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Hmm, thanks for the ideas, I need to level up my Join Avenue though.
  2. Deneves's Avatar
    I found it easy to accumulate shards. I always hit up the museum on join ave looking for evolution items and pick up a shard quite often. One game I built three museums. I spent a lot of time in the hidden grottoes tracking down the females with hidden abilities and am always finding shards there.
  3. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Yeah, there seems to be! So many legendaries to SR, DW ability pokes to catch, items to acquire, Pokemon to breed, but so little time..
  4. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    I just finished before you Beat it at midnight last night. But yeah, there's some pretty cool events going on post e4, isn't there?
  5. Deneves's Avatar
    The breeding is so much nicer with the power items and 100% everstones. The everstones alone cut your breeding in half. I haven't done enough to tell whether the new ability breeding work as well as they should but that would be a nice bonus. I have boxes of pokemon in my old games with great IVs but the wrong nature.
  6. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Well, Weather Teams became huge in this generation, so it might be a good idea to talk about them.
  7. Caljoones's Avatar
    Updated 12-06-2011 at 12:07 PM by Deneves
  8. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Yeah, Jellicent+Ferro is the "CeleTran" of Generation 5. CeleTran never got much attention on this site as both involved Pokes were legendary, but with Jellithorn you don't have that problem. Great combo
  9. Vott's Avatar
    I've been researching for a team (For Pokemon Online) and stumbled upon a combo with this pokemon. Jellicent + Ferrothorn. They cover eachother's weaknesses, 15/17 resistant of attack types, and an amazing Defensive Combo. It lacks from ground resist, other than that, pretty overpowered? Yes ? No?
  10. Bobreeder's Avatar
    It's all true, honest. Check my blog from the beginning to get to know why
  11. Caljoones's Avatar
    you live on a BOAT?!? (or is that a joke) XD
  12. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'm still working on it, don't worry. I've not been able to do much computer work lately because I live on a boat with an eternal struggle for electricity (<.<), but it'll probably pick up during the summer if not before!
  13. Caljoones's Avatar
    have you been working on this? Just woderin. Im kinda looking forward to it.
  14. Bobreeder's Avatar
    Thanks for trying anyway
  15. Caljoones's Avatar
    Ive got nothin
  16. Caljoones's Avatar
    Ok. I know someone who is pretty good at coming up with plots, so Ill talk to him.
  17. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'm giving it away Open Source. That's the plan anyway. I'm doing this for fun and challenge, not to earn money I'm currently struggling with how I'm gonna implement special effects from magic and such, and I have a lot of schoolwork to do, so it will probably not be released for a while
  18. Caljoones's Avatar
    Wiil we be able to get this game in any way when its done? Like buying it? Or you giving it away?
  19. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I haven't really finished any other games before, some minor scripting is basically it. I really want to handle different playstyles right, and I agree that there should be different levels to everything (YOU STOLE AN APPLE I KILL YOU!!!!) And I'll post it here assuming I manage to finish it, at least when I get it to a playable, fun, stage. I've managed to make a save system and I'm almost finished implementing "data files" (a way to add new monsters and items without having to code it all).
  20. FlockOfWingulls's Avatar
    I love games where I'm free to be a selfish jerk as the main character. There aren't very many games that do this well though. Usually it's handled like fable or KOTOR where you're basically on the same track as a baby-killer. I'd be interested in seeing your Roguelike when it's done. What's the other game you made?
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