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On the back of a Wailmer

PFs own pirate (> ninjas)'s blog! Hey ho and a bottle of rum etc.

  1. So.. I finished the game.

    Picked up as much as possible underway and killed all the legendaries for easier SRing later. Now I guess I'll have to hit the Battle Tower/whatever it's called these days, and get myself the other half of Power Items.. Bleh. Also, shard hunting will be very little fun. But I'm excited to finally be kinda sorta up to date on the Pokemon front, and finally have a chance to get back to breeding!
  2. The temptation was too much..

    ..So I am now the owner of a copy of Black 2. We'll see how long it takes to get through the game, I'll probably try to do it semi-fast without skipping the story. Chose Snivy (named Smugleaf, of course) as my starter. As soon as I'm done I guess I'll try to transfer over from my Pearl and get to breeding!
  3. Gen V Team Building/Battling Guide

    I'm planning out a new Team Building guide for Generation V (my old one is woefully outdated, and while it still contains, in my opinion, useful information, it's also hard to directly apply it to the current generation of battling), and I was wondering what you guys would like to see in it. What strategies would you like explored? What aspect of team building or battling (they go hand in hand) do you feel should be explained? Should I include more pictures? Of what? Shoot me a VM or comment here ...
  4. Competitive Discussion: Ferrothorn


    Grass/Steel Tier: OU

    Iron Barbs
    If Ferrothorn is attacked by a Direct Attack, the attacker receives damage equal to 1/8 its maximum HP.

    HP: 74
    Attack: 94
    Defense: 131
    Special attack: 54
    Special Defense: 111
    Speed: 20

    Heard the rumors that this generation is so offensive
  5. Roguelike plot

    Besides homework, my main project right now is writing a roguelike (I have most of the engine up and running, but still needs a lot of work). Now what I haven't got at all is a good plot of some sort. That's where I'd like some help. The basic premise is:
    1) Middle-age Swords and Sorcery setting
    2) There are procedurally generated dungeons the player navigates in search of treasure and stuff, but also a pretty large overworld (most of which will be generated as well)
    3) "Permadeath" ...

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