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    That would never happen at my school. Those students would have been expelled and their transcripts withheld as soon as they egged the other students, forcing them to repeat their senior year and not be able to go off to college.
  2. cowmoo83's Avatar
    wow...the faculty must not be that strict if they can sneak laxatives in the water supply...
  3. Pikadude609's Avatar
    Can i apply to be a student for battling arts 3 when i can make a team as i got kicked out of the current one now since i can`t make the team as im just at dialga on diamond and pearl is my friends im just using for storage.
    Btw congrats kurty!
  4. nana nettie's Avatar
    Congrats Kurt!
  5. Kurt's Avatar
    Oh, thanks. I was like, "what am I getting congratulated for," LOL?
  6. joinred1127's Avatar
  7. S Tailor's Avatar

    More than Likely, or it could be for winning the ladder and getting 1 month subscription to pokefarm supporter
    Updated 05-03-2009 at 01:25 PM by S Tailor
  8. joinred1127's Avatar
    You probably got your blog because of the subforum. That's what happened with me.
  9. Kurt's Avatar
    Did the tumbleweed roll out of my Blog description into your entry? Tsk, tsk. *grabs up and places back in own description*
    LOL; look forward to more!
  10. pondertheworld's Avatar
    You don't have a blog.
    Stop imagining things, jeez.
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