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S Tailor

Typical school boy banter

  1. Worst Day ever >_>

    I'll keep it short and snappy today, because I've gotta revise, but I had a terrible day today >_>

    3 exams today - Musical theory grade 5 (That was too easy though :P), French listening (Those people on the tape talk so slowly, even I, with no talent for languages can pick them out :P) and French Reading (I can't speak or write french, but when its given to me, its fairly easy)

    Those were the usual affair, easy, but very long, and in no way annoy me in the slightest, ...
  2. Hiding in Bushes

    Well, I'm going to recount what happens when 18 year olds from my school have their last day and go wild :P

    First, they wait at the station to egg you. I hid in a bush and ran off another way - They said they'd egg one station which alot of people go to, I just didn't expect it to be the smaller one, and my clothes paid the price <_<

    Then, they decided it'll be fun to mess with the toilets: They flooded the loos, and put tape on the taps, so whenever you turned them ...
  3. Congratz to Kurt

    I know this is a couple days late, But congratz to Kurt (Trombones13) who has won the tournament for Battling Arts students.

    He has chosen to become a tutor after this, to I'd like to welcome him to the team.

    Over the last couple of days, the Battling Arts kicked off to a new start. We are slowly rolling out some new changes to the programme, which will probably hit before the end of the first bull run, and will become fully effective the next bull run.

    Anyone ...
  4. I have a blog?

    I have a blog? I can't believe that O_O

    I guess I'll just update everyone on the Battling Arts.

    We have indeed got a subforum for it and we are currently setting it up. I think we should be done very soon, its simply a matter of setting up the rules, which are half done right now.

    Bobreeder has also agreed to write a simple guide on some strategys to use on a team.

    Apart from that we're happy. We just wish we had a couple more tutors. If you have ...
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