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  1. cowmoo83's Avatar
    did you end up breaking the record?
  2. Jats605's Avatar
    u have me and slizer swapped...
  3. joinred1127's Avatar
    Gunshin, since when was Kurt a girls name? Phail~
  4. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    But =/ Kurt didn't need a name change to become a jk
  5. joinred1127's Avatar
    Fabulous! Xd
  6. pikaluva13's Avatar
    I am so fabulous XD jk lol
  7. S Tailor's Avatar
    We stumbled on a main path and walked back to the building we weren't supposed to go back to and got picked up
  8. pikaluva13's Avatar
    If you got lost in the woods, how did you get back?
  9. S Tailor's Avatar
    Currently I'm half done with Scizor
  10. becnoir's Avatar
    I liked it!
    I read it and I liked it! I hope you write more!
  11. S Tailor's Avatar
    Orienteering :P

    Hmm... I'll consider it
  12. rj61's Avatar
    how about a regi? and why did you run off into the woods?
  13. S Tailor's Avatar
    @ Kurt: Do it once and your hooking on annoying teachers :P

    @ PokemonLover: The Day before I wrote a list of things I shouldn't say in mensa unless I wanted a lecture, lol

    @ Thor: I'm not religious either and just have a chat at the back of assembly about the latest motorsport or topical issue of the day during the hymn (Today it was Michael Jackson)

    The list of detentions today was quite long, although I've still contributed none over the year (except the class detentions, haha.)
  14. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I had detention once because I wouldn't sing religious songs because I'm not religious... >.>
  15. becnoir's Avatar
    I've never had detention before. What was the rest of the list?
  16. Kurt's Avatar
    You guys frighten me... *has never had detention and never plans to*
  17. S Tailor's Avatar
    @ George: Nope, we do that anyway :P

    @ Gunshin: Same here :P

    We got a class detention, so 25 was added to the total. Now we're going for 550 :P

    500 years old this year, and a class which gets 500 detentions, its a great year, haha
  18. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    ...I never do homework and I haven't recieved a dention yet.
  19. Pikadude609's Avatar
    I know a way to get tons. Just refuse to do work and such and not do homework at all. Then you will all get detentions if you all do that.
  20. S Tailor's Avatar
    The detention Bit?

    Well its up to 484 today, I'll think we may be the first class to break 500, haha
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