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Typical school boy banter

  1. The Day the Boys on skype... became girls...

    [15:07:24] Anastasia Mclane: i wonder if i'm a real person XD
    [15:07:24] Matilda: I don't see anastasia
    [15:07:28] Kurt: lol
    [15:07:30] Shyam : Well, what Girl's name can we have>
    [15:07:36] Matilda: anastasia
    [15:07:39] Anastasia Mclane: OMG!
    [15:07:43] Anastasia Mclane: an Adam Mclane XD
    [15:07:54] Katarina: Matt, I changed my name!
    [15:07:55] Anastasia Mclane: XD
    [15:08:00] Matilda: gewd!
    [15:08:07] Katarina: I was saying that to ...

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  2. How long does it take me to get lost in a national Park?

    Erm... well... the answer to that question is 2 minutes 34 seconds. By that time, I'd already run off into the wood... and I hadn't bothered to check where I was...

    I posted a metagross Strat in the OU section of the site, if you want to look at it today as well. I've got a bit more time to make more, so does anyone have a strat they want to look at? I'm happy to write about anything in OU or BL :)
  3. Today I wrote a list of things I wasn't supposed to do during my maths lesson...

    ...and then I did them, with funny results :P

    The list included:

    [LIST][*]Blowing bubbles with Gum[*]Outright ignoring the teacher[*]Doodling in my rough book[*]Doing my homework in the lesson[/LIST]

    I didn't even get told off either! I swear my teacher is bonkers.

    If you wanna know why, the whole class did it so that we could break the record for number of detentions given to a class in 1 year. We have got a total of 478 detentions, and ...
  4. I am now (essentially) free

    No more exams, no more annoying teachers, and no more strict schedules. I am completely free from exams, and I just have to wait 'till July 10th when we finish. For me, thats pretty annoying, because its another month of taking an inconsistant train for 1 1/2 hours each way, which is just terrible for those of us who are forced to take it :|

    But, now my exams are done, I can start breeding my first event for eternal farms! Its going to be adamant riolu with the following set:

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  5. The Interwebz

    When I'm older I want to stalk the interweb [IMG][/IMG]
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