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  1. pokefan421989's Avatar
    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,so that's who you are :P
  2. becnoir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by predictions of doom
    Ahh, I was wondering who you were.

    Is your name an Anime reference?
    Somewhat. It's from a program called Vocaloid where you can make songs.
  3. predictions of doom's Avatar
    Ahh, I was wondering who you were.

    Is your name an Anime reference?
  4. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Feeling better?
  5. laprasman's Avatar
    I also got like a bajilion steps when I walked around NYC.
  6. becnoir's Avatar
    Ugg..... It came out bad though.
  7. becnoir's Avatar
    Yeah ebay is one place there are a lot of fakes!
  8. iNot's Avatar
    coool! the box is a bit different from Australia's. =) Our's is a bit taller, and less wide. ^^
  9. iNot's Avatar
    pokedollssss. how awesome for you. ^_^

    Australia .. doesn't have a store where you can buy these. D: There's heaps of fakes ... and expensive online stuff, but no actual nintendo store. =(
  10. Flareon's Avatar
    Thank goodness I don't have to be jealous of you with those Poke Dolls. xD
    Just be sure not to use them in wild encounters to get away from Pokemon while you're EV training and accidentally run through a really strong area without switching your Pokemon around!

    Anyway, nice to hear you had fun. ^^
  11. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I saw the pictures on FB, cool
  12. Flareon's Avatar
    Aww... You make me jealous... I have a few reasons why I'd visit New York and that's one of them... xD

    Hope you enjoy your break. ^^
  13. becnoir's Avatar
    I think it ends in June....
  14. Kurt's Avatar
    LOL, Thor

    Enjoy your break, Julia! ^__^ Does school end late for you this year, then?
  15. Bobreeder's Avatar
    I'd feel cheated with a break going from saturday until sunday of the same week xP
  16. becnoir's Avatar
    Yup, Spring break is this coming week for me.
  17. Rolytic's Avatar
    You haven't had Spring Break yet? That's crazy talk. I had spring break over a month ago. 0.0

    I hope you enjoy your free time, without the guilt from wanting to do nothing, yet having to do school work.
  18. becnoir's Avatar
    My Dad did the Boom Flower I did the rest.
  19. Kay's Avatar
    "Boom Flower" is amazing! I love that idea, and it was well-executed, too. Also, you draw very good kitties!
  20. becnoir's Avatar
    I got the blue one.
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