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☻Cats gone wild☻

☻Cats gone wild☻


  1. Story Contest ~ Submit your story!

    Submiting your story
    To submit your story please PM it to me. When the voting starts your name will be after your story.

    Rules and stuff you need to know
    ~ The dead-line for having your short story in is the 10th and on the 10th voting will start.
    ~ The dead-line for voting is the 13th.
    ~ On the 14th I will post the winner's story and they will get the prize!
    ~ The prize will be Supporter for a month!
    ~ Please have your story on the
  2. Story Contest Prize help!

    Hi everyone! In my last blog I asked you what kind of contest I should do on my blog. I think I will do a story contest, but there is one problem.... I don't know what to give out as a prize! So I'm asking you to try to come up with prize ideas! Once I know what to give out as a prize I'll post the rules and start the contest.

    Hope you come up with some great ideas!


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