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  1. Story Contest Prize help!

    Hi everyone! In my last blog I asked you what kind of contest I should do on my blog. I think I will do a story contest, but there is one problem.... I don't know what to give out as a prize! So I'm asking you to try to come up with prize ideas! Once I know what to give out as a prize I'll post the rules and start the contest.

    Hope you come up with some great ideas!


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  2. Happy New Year, Pokefarmers!

    Happy New Years, Pokefarmers!
    How did you celebrate this New Years? I watched the ball drop and stayed up until 12:30 ish.... What keeped my up was the TV and my iTouch. It did get a little boring doing the same thing, but I did stay up! So Happy New Years!

    Blog Contests!
    Well I was thinking about doing some blog contests on my blog! If you have any ideas just comment of PM me about them. I was thinking of story contests where you would

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  3. Interviews from the blog of me! This time Eevee Forever!

    This time I interviewed Eevee Forever. Here is the Interview that we did.


    What do you like most about PokeFarm?
    The rpg's we have

    Please write a little bit about yourself here.
    I like turtles

    What do you like to do other than PokeFarm?
    not much

    Whats your favorite Pokemon?


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  4. I'm the 1004th blog!

    Yay! I got to the 1004th blog entry! I have no idea what to say now. So bye! I can't wait until the 2000 blog entry!

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  5. Fonts~

    I'm going to be testing out fonts and then do.... umm, I don't know... I'll do ten this time then ten more next time and you get it?

    1. Arial
    2. Arial Black
    3. Arial Narrow
    4. Book Antiqua
    5. Century Gothic
    6. Comic Sans MS
    7. Courier New
    8. Fixedsys
    9. Franklin Gothic Medium
    10. Garamond

    There you go! Ten fonts so far~

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