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  1. Interviews from the blog of me! This time, Kiwi!

    Here is the Interview Kiwi filled out....


    Write about yourself here....
    Uhhh... I'm totally awesome.
    I'm almost 13 years old, I'm a Pokemon maniac, yet I always miss the events...
    That's about it. Oh yeah. I'm a really boring person!!

    Whats your favorite Pokemon?
    Though I kindof like Magikarp........ Magikiss would have to be my favourite then.

    Whats your biggest fear? O.O ...
  2. Interviews from the blog of me! This time pikaluva13!

    Hello everyone welcome to my blog. This time I'm interviewing pikaluva13. Here is the interview.


    Write a little bit about yourself.
    Well I'm really boring if you know anything about my personal life outside of pokemon...I go to school, i swim on my school's swim team...and that's pretty much it. I don't usually go outside or do anything like ever...I get up at 6 so i can get on my computer until 2...then i either nap, watch TV, or get on my DSi and talk to
  3. Interviews from the blog of me! This time Eevee Forever!

    This time I interviewed Eevee Forever. Here is the Interview that we did.


    What do you like most about PokeFarm?
    The rpg's we have

    Please write a little bit about yourself here.
    I like turtles

    What do you like to do other than PokeFarm?
    not much

    Whats your favorite Pokemon?


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  4. Interviews from the blog of me! This time pikadude609!

    Here is pikadude609's interview! Also if you want to be interviewed just PM me or post on my blog.


    What do you like to do when you are not on PokeFarm?

    Play around on the internet like various Computer Sites like The Windows 7 Site. Then when i am not on the internet I normally play on the Wii or DSi. Or go to school when I'm at School.

    What is the best thing about PokeFarm to you?

    Being able to get ...

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  5. Interviews from the blog of me! This time Slizer107!

    This time we have Slizer107. I interviewed him and now you get to see the interview. Enjoy!


    What is your favoite thing to do on PokeFarm?

    The friends I have made and the good times I have had and being able to improve my attitude from on pokefarm and out of pokefarm (E.g Real like)

    What do you like most about being a Gym Leader?

    Being able to see members turn up with a lot to learn then seeing them get my badge and ...
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