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Video Games

This is where I write about different video games I have.

  1. WarioWare D.I.Y

    So I got the game and I want to trade games with you! I have a friend code and it is...

    3696 ~ 2435 ~ 9251

    If you have the game please post your friend code down there!

    Video Games
  2. Snow!


    Its the first snow of the month! Well where I am! It is already melting, too bad... I just have to hope for more snow...


    Anybody want to play Animal Crossing soon? I have peaches in my town. I'll post my friend code if anyone wants to play.

    Video Games
  3. Rhythm Heaven

    Name: Rhythm Heaven
    What I give it: 4 stars
    Rating: E for Everyone
    Plays on: Nintendo DS
    Made by: Nintendo
    Wi-fi: No

    What the game is about: This game is about rhythm. It has over 50 rhythm games for you to play in it. You hold the DS sideways like the Brain Age games. You start off with one rhythm game. You have to play this one to unlock more games. After you do the 1st rhythm game you unlock the, the next game, the cafe, and the medal corner. ...

    Updated 07-12-2009 at 12:04 PM by becnoir

    Video Games