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Pokemon News

This is where the Pokemon News that I post goes.

  1. `~`New York City`~`

    So I went to NYC yesterday and it was fun! I went though Center Park and into the Zoo. At Nintendo World I only got plushes. Here's a list of what I got there!


    Ho-Ho Poke-Doll
    Lugia Poke-Doll
    Shadow Lugia Poke-Doll
    Lapras Poke-Doll
    Pachirisu Poke-Doll
    Giratina Origin Form Poke-Doll
    Kirby Animal Form Plush

    And I got 24,028 steps in all on my Poke-Walker! That's a lot of walking!

    Pokemon News
  2. Pokemon News - The results!

    These were all taken out of a hat.

    Poilwag: These Pokemon's names were all draw out of a hat. Heres Igglybuff.

    Igglybuff: Okay the results are finally in. Here they are!

    Cutest Pokemon - Torchic
    Lamest Pokemon - Magickarp
    Fastest Pokemon - Deoxys-S
    Coolest Pokemon - Mew
    Best Fighting Pokemon - Dragonite
    Best Pokemon of all time - Arceus

    Diglett: Thank you for voting everyone!


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    Pokemon News
  3. 43rd blog entry with Pokemon News (nothing else good as a title...)

    This is my 43rd blog entry 7 more to go to get to 50! On the blogs it only lets you use up to 3 smilies so I'm going to write Pokemon's names instead.

    Poilwag: Hey, and welcome to the Pokemon News! We will be talking about the Pokemon awards today!

    Diglett: Yup, the Poke awards are a group of awards that 5 different Pokemon get that the Pokemon News made up. You get to vote!

    Poilwag: With the different catagories, heres Igglybuff!

    Igglybuff: ...

    Updated 06-27-2009 at 12:36 PM by becnoir

    Pokemon News