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  2. Kiwi's Avatar
    I try to stay away from my best friends little sister.
    She scares me...
  3. cowmoo83's Avatar
    yeah... I talk with my best friend's sister... she's pretty random almost all the time..
  4. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    You should have probably included those in the original
  5. Slizer107's Avatar
    These were the questions I asked

    'Hello, how are you'
    'Was it your brithday yesterday'
    'Was it fun'
    'Did you enjoy funky fun house'
  6. cowmoo83's Avatar
    random... how'd the conversation go? :P
  7. joinred1127's Avatar
    Fete? Like, the French word fête? I thought there was a connection, but I was really confused. >.<
  8. Sorgatani's Avatar
    He means Church Fete, but.. there's some sort of accenty thingy involved ^_^

    Sweet story
  9. pikaluva13's Avatar
    @Psychic4Life: how do you know that? have you ever seen them?
  10. Psychic4Life's Avatar
    good for you Matt! You guys make a cute couple!
  11. Slizer107's Avatar
    Yes but on a smaller scale
  12. joinred1127's Avatar
    It's like a festival?
  13. Slizer107's Avatar
    Church Fate, a load of stalls and that.
  14. joinred1127's Avatar
    Aww, she sounds lovely.

    What's a "church fate"?
  15. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Does she know you blog about her on a pokemon forum? lol
  16. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Did time seem to slow down? Was their random music in the background? LOL
  17. Kurt's Avatar
    LOL; that's so cliché...but sweet.
  18. Psychic4Life's Avatar
    Congrats Matt! Join the club of non-single men!
  19. Bobreeder's Avatar
    LOL @Adam
    Congrats, Matt, but don't let it get in the way of your studies I can't give ya any other tips than that *grumbles about brain > looks*
  20. Kiwi's Avatar
    O.O Congrats Slizer!
    *Gets out Pokeradar to start chaining girls*
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