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  1. Olympics 2012!

    Well Olympics 2012 are looking at how to find trustworthy volunteers! So they have created something called 'Sports Ambassadors' where they get automatic access to helping! Well last night helping at my schools open evening, I was doing my roll as a Sports Leader, where you help lead sports. Every PE department teacher come up to me and said 'You are the best Sports Leader we have this year!' So I decided to talk to a teacher about Sport Ambassador.... wondering how you get it! I was thinking to ...
  2. The Day I Became NikolaTeslas Dad!

    [22:37:50] Dad: How was school son
    [22:37:58] Dad: Did you get any homework
    [22:37:59] Rob: i graduated 11 years ago dad
    [22:38:06] Dad: Oh
    [22:38:22] Rob: oh no you have alzheimers?
    [22:38:27] Dad: No
    [22:38:31] Vott: lol
    [22:38:38] Dad: Its just been a while since I saw you son
    [22:38:51] Brady: wow! It's rob's real dad!
    [22:39:04] Vott: O_O
    [22:39:07] [ANYL]Probe: [ANYL]Probe is finding this to be xD
  3. Little Sister

    Well today my girlfriends little sister decided she wanted to talk to me :)
  4. A Lovely Day!

    Well today I was helping at a church fate and my girlfriend told me she was done at the party. So I told her where I was, she said 'I am coming to you' and she ran to where I was, I saw her coming and ran to her as well and we met in a big hug :D

    Well we went into the church hall and we both got a drink and 2 small cakes (I paid :D) And we discussed the good old times at primary school!

    Then we went and got a Hot Dog and walked to my cousin's, then I walked her home ...
  5. The Most Shocking News Ever!

    Slizer has a very nice and sweet girlfriend :D
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