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[CENTER]Into the wild green yonder![/CENTER]

  1. Battling moods part 2

    I once made a thread about battling moods. where is it now? long gone into PFs dark room of missing threads i believe. Anywho, lately the boulder gym has been inactive for about...3 weeks already? One of my favorite challengers Amos has gone MIA to publish his book and the gym has been extremely quiet. Probably because I think everyone (that would challenge the gyms here) is playing and beating through platinum. I know i am as well. :cool:

    but for wifi battles, im just not ...
  2. wow, I just found out that I can blog

    sweeeetnessssssss! HOLLLLLLLER!

    hahaa, first of all, i want to thank Kate (taterbud) to buying me this wonderful gift. along with the added PM space.

    Secondly, ill be posting about stuff that greatly amuses me...and I get amused pretty easily.

    First off though, I think its appropriate for me to use my first blog as a way for the rest of the community to get to know me a bit better.

    Yo, my name is Jimmy. Im 22 about to turn 23 in november. ...
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