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[CENTER]Into the wild green yonder![/CENTER]

  1. being with Taterbud

    Being a native californian and then flying to ohioooo to see the gf is really a big step for me...and for her as well...i think. I've had a lot of fun over here, met joby and kate when i arrived at the airport, played with kate's two doggies, which are adorably cute and playful, checked out the scenery and met kate's awesome parents. Checked out a carnival yesterday with fireworks at the end, awesomeness. Have plans to hit up a go kart race tracks, Knotts Cedar Point, Big Boys for those of you ...
  2. pickup your cubone

    [s]Gouswer - Joel (M)[/s]
    [s]Empoleon67 - Tusken[/s]
    [s]Trombones13 - SkullNBone (M)[/s]
    Sasuke715 - no nn
    [s]rj61 - M.Ramirez[/s]
    Cherkat - nn pending
    nickgamer10 - Bones-Jr.
    PokeBella - no nn
    [s]HiHi! - no nn[/s]
    cowmoo83 - Cream
    [s]Ossein - pikaluva13[/s]

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  3. Your looking at a new gym leader

    wow! i still can't believe it. Me, a gym leader!! im soo PSYCHED!! I don't have access to the area yet, so i guess ill be making an official announcement to the forum tomorrow. I don't know if i should post it here or not...admins will edit it out i guess, but i will be changing the gym typing from Ice/dark to Ice/water. It provides more free slots and a diverse amount of pokemon from my side to use at my disposal. Hopefully I can have all the pokemon on my platinum FC to make use of the ...
  4. Ladder challenges update.

    I know I have a few of you on the ladder list. Ill try to get to battle all of you, but im really booked this week. i got dance practice right after my classes and im most likely going to be away all weekend. if you would like to get a battle with me, it would have to be next week at the latest.

    also, on other issues, im reading twilight. its pretty good so far. :twisted:
  5. Dancing kills your feet

    literally. Its what taking up most of my time now. I just only got back from dance practice :( and I AM DEAD TIRED.

    First, I got folklorico practice for my performance on may 1st on campus. *sigh* i just wish my group can get all coordinated in about 3 weeks time. I should probably explain what folklorico dancing is. folklorico as per says - [I]Mexican folk dancing, esp. a program or repertoire of such dances.[/I]

    so yea, we stomp our feet, get ...
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