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  1. Capture Log II - Aura Jackals

    by , 01-20-2013 at 03:22 PM (PokePal's Perfect PokÚdex!)
    So, I got through Victory Road, beat the E4 and 5 of Irisĺ pokemon today. Haxorus had just defeated Aurio, the pokemon this post is inspired by, when my ds ran out of charge. And silly old me, hadnĺt saved since before Victory Road. So there goes my movesets, my training, my evolutions. FUUUUU-

    How to find and catch Riolu/Lucario
    There are only wild Riolu in Black, White,

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  2. Capture Log I - Dancing Flowers

    by , 01-19-2013 at 04:48 PM (PokePal's Perfect PokÚdex!)
    While I defeat the Elite Four, we'll go over how to catch the different species that I'm currently using in my team. I caught a Roselia for it today, so we'll start with that evolution line.

    How to find and catch a Budew/Roselia/Roserade
    There are only wild Roserade and Roselia's in Black 2 and White 2.
    Found at: (Both evolutions) Route 12a, Lostlorn Forestb and Victory Roadc.

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  3. PokÚPal's Perfect PokÚdex! Foreword

    by , 01-18-2013 at 05:23 PM (PokePal's Perfect PokÚdex!)
    Welcome to my shiny new blog! It's going to be my daily attempt at filling spaces in on my entire PokÚdex, starting with the New Unova one, and finishing when I have the Shiny Charm.

    I'm going to be doing daily (if I can manage it) blogs based on the pokemon I'm trying to get on that day. Not to mention, it will contain competitive strategies for the lowest and highest form in the evolution chain. It will contain updates on how many pokemon I've got so far and how many left to go ...

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