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  1. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Really? Bulba doesn't say anything about that, thanks for pointing it out. I got mine ages ago without SR, so I just got male and assumed it was because of the gender ratio.
  2. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, Amanita's eevee is male only.

    However, Eevee can currently be found in the Dream World; it is in the Park area.
  3. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Yeah, its nose always points north xD
  4. Kay's Avatar
    I never managed to make the connection that a Nosepass was a compass, lol...
  5. Bobreeder's Avatar
    What Tani said. Burnout turns it into a chore and it won't be fun anymore. Go at a pace that works out with your life situation, it'll be much easier to sustain.
  6. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Don't feel guilty; sometimes life is like that.

    You don't want to burn yourself out making more entries that aren't as high quality. A few entries per week will be fine
  7. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Yeah, shards can be quite annoying to find. I half-wish that the Move Tutors did it for BP, but it can be a nice surprise to find a random shard and realise you have enough for that certain move.
  8. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I do like Ice Punch, collecting the shards was difficult but completely worth it ^_^
  9. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Oh yeah, thanks Tani. Forgot about those
  10. Sorgatani's Avatar
    You can find Riolu in B/W, they're in the Challenger's Cave and found at above lv50

    Also, Ice Punch is an ice type move, not a STAB.

    That said, my lucario has been a valuable addition to my B2 in-game team.
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  11. TheNinjaPhoenix's Avatar
    That's brilliant. Well done on getting the blog!