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  1. plusletrainer's Avatar
    looking back at that blog i realise that that was really really bad, i'm gonna think harder tomarow and try for more than 10 seconds
  2. becnoir's Avatar
    Is that true?
  3. plusletrainer's Avatar
    oh and i forgot, there also were a few hannah montana's
  4. joinred1127's Avatar
    I saw, like, fifteen Hannah Montana's. With very cheep wigs, I might add.
  5. Kurt's Avatar
    Did anyone notice the...vulgarity of some costumes? There were costumes I saw with skirts about the length of a finger. I also saw a kid dressed up as a girl...
  6. Viperizer's Avatar
    hehe i would have through it too but any way that was funny
  7. plusletrainer's Avatar
    your comments made me laugh!
  8. Tama_Lover's Avatar
  9. Gouswer's Avatar
    Lol, watch out for plusle Arby's Sauce attack xD
  10. toys4life's Avatar
    LOL! I love a good story with a moral at the end!

    You must have a wicked fast pitch to make packets explode on impact!