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  1. spring break!

    is mostly over, but I just wanted to share the excitement of actually taking a trip on spring break. I'm in Paris right now with a few days left to spend in Europe, and it has been lovely!

    What are all you fine folks doing for break? (those of you that get one and those of you who are on break right now)
  2. fun fact

    5 more, and I complete my pokedex.

    Big thanks to everyone who has helped me so far!

    Also, I am only [I]mostly [/I]dead. I am still somewhat alive. (With all dead, there's only one thing to do...)

    Any reptile owners out there? I'm fixin' to get some crested geckos, come spring when the weather allows shipping. Pretty excited.
  3. brrrring brrrrring!

    Because phone noises are perfectly acceptable as blog titles, honestly.

    Anyway, I have been pathetically inactive the past couple of months. Spring break working on building houses halfway across the country, returned to a city under siege by the river, school came back with a vengeance, and general life. 'Tis good, though. I can expand with details if anyone wishes; for now a bare outline as I reacquaint myself with old haunts.

    How is everyone doing here?
  4. poetry tiems

    As I have been writing poetry quite often of late (and this is strange for me; I usually am stuck with creative writing), I felt I would share some here. The first stanza of studies of plasma is missing to be on the safe side. :/

    [B]studies of plasma[/B]
    warmth is
    frosted panes
    streaming and alighting
    in patches on the floor
    to be languished in and

    warmth ...
  5. Weather, why do you fluctate so?

    I realize it rather useless to address the weather, but I rather enjoy speaking to things which cannot respond, at times. Also, apparently my previous title was misleading and disappointing to some. :P I have read Julius Caesar, I just do not recall much of it besides that line. Apologies, readers!

    I have half an hour until I must go to work, and I am having trouble occupying myself until then. The nice thing is, today I am cashiering in the back, so I do not have to change into my ...
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