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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy
    hey, how do u travel around regions and catch new pokemon? its not workin for i hav to hav a full party of six pokemon?
    I think you have stumbled upon us thinking that we are a different PokeFarm.

    This is Our egg system is mainly activity-based.

    This blog refers to the games.
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    hey, how do u travel around regions and catch new pokemon? its not workin for i hav to hav a full party of six pokemon?
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    There might be an equivalent theme-day in the US; and I understand that weather comment fully; that quote applies to Melbourne too!

    Thanks for the tips. I'm not very good at meditation; I distract myself too easily, and then I get frustrated because I feel tired and my brain won't let me sleep, and that does not help with the whole 'relaxation' thing ^_^'
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    Glad to hear it Tani. I often times have trouble quieting my brain for sleep too. Music helps. So does meditation and relaxing YouTube videos Disclaimer: watch out for screamers.
    As for the weather. I live in a state called Ohio, we define undefined weather. (If you don't like the weather in Ohio wait five minutes.)
    Oh, and I have never even heard of this before.
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    No it isn't. It's a que to turn tail and run like or shout: "Croagunk! Save me!" :P
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    June update: 11/105 painted.

    Things have come up unexpectedly, but we'll get more done eventually.
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    Gomu Gomu no.....BAZOOOKA! is a prime example.
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    @Frawg Also Dragon Ball Z
    it's not it's over 9000 it's IT'S OVER 9000
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    One Peice and Naruto are prime examples.
  10. Kurt's Avatar
    Haha! Very interesting indeed.
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    Yep, I did. Hahha.

    Interesting theory. Definitely gonna run it by some of my friends.
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    Lol, i want to go back to elementary school!
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    I'd go with 'random'.

    Many of my Events begin as concepts; but that is probably true of most people
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    Nice. . . If not a little bit random.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobreeder
    I like this!
    Hope so

    Blog/album will help me map progress.
    Definitely need to practise the Macro settings on my camera though ^_^
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    I like this!
  17. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Stitches are out!

    Healing up fine, except for my skin not liking the band-aid adhesive ^_^
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    Only ever had them in my head, when I fell out the loft when I was young. Other than that, I'm indestructible.
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    I had stitches once, when I was a wee child of 4 or something, with a penchant for running without really seeing what was in front of me. I slammed my head into the corner of a door, making a huge cut. I got stitches, and I don't really remember them bothering me except when they were removed. But I got a toy car as a reward, so it was all good
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    Thanks for the tip, Cherkat

    Platinum, glad you were all right.
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