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  1. Where you at?


    Congrats to T Roo for his submission of:


    Definitely gave me a good laugh! :lol:


    Viscosity has been working on serious business faaaaar too long. Now she needs a good laugh.

    What would give her the biggest ...

    Updated 04-09-2009 at 10:32 PM by Viscosity

  2. Giratina!


  3. Where you at?

    [CENTER]Viscosity loves finding fun images to make into icons or other art. Recently she found a funny screenshot of Team Rocket in officer uniforms:


    This is from an episode of Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl. [B]What episode was it?[/B] Comment here to answer!

    Answers will be moderated and the person who can give me the correct answer first wins a fabulous prize!

    [IMG][/IMG][/CENTER] ...

    Updated 01-10-2009 at 10:42 PM by Viscosity

  4. Where you at?

    Viscosity is feeling a little down today... Let's call it the Post-New Years Blues... So what can cheer her up? Only one thing:


    The member who can tell me the funniest joke by 1:00am Eastern Time will get a fabulous prize! I have the comments moderated so you can put your joke in the comment and no one else will see your comment except me.

    [B][U]The Prize[/U][/B]
    [IMG][/IMG] ...

    Updated 01-08-2009 at 12:06 AM by Viscosity

  5. Waiting...

    Poor Viscosity is stuck waiting to depart from an airport so she can visit her family for the holidays. Her original flight was delayed to 9:40pm, but got bumped up to a flight that was only delayed to 9:25pm. Hopefully she'll be on her way home pretty soon.

    Right now she's listening to music on her iPod. What do [I]you[/I] do when you have time to kill? o3o
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