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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][B]Flareon's rather ambitious Blog.[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]You'll probably find a lot of entries I make will be in relation towards my "Pokemon Tales" story that is currently in planning... so when I'm looking for some assistance, don't be afraid to speak up! ^^[/COLOR]

  1. Pokémon Tales: A New Beginning - Chapter 4 Release

    [COLOR="royalblue"]Be sure to help with name suggestions for the locations described in [url=]this blog entry[/url]!


    I finally finished Chapter 4. I actually talked to Riaz about this one a while back, and something in it is different from originally planned. Wanna guess what it is?

    Anyway, as always, the Chapter can be read here:[/COLOR]

    [url=][b][ ...

    Updated 10-09-2010 at 10:33 PM by Flareon

  2. Fifth & Sixth Location Name Suggestions

    [COLOR="royalblue"]It has been a while since I did one of these, so its about time I did another one, so I can get things moving once again for this story. I have the locations that I really need for the next few Chapters of the story, but I'd love to get more added, so that if I get that far, I'm not running behind because of locations.

    In my previous entry about this, I asked for suggestions on two locations. and have actually come up with names for these, now.
  3. When it Expires...

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"] you think I should renew my Supporter subscription for PokeFarm?

    I know updates on it have run scarce lately, and for good reason-- I had a lot of reviewing to do on University work that had gone awry, I had some new games that I wanted the time to enjoy and most recently, my great grandmother died (two weeks after her 90th birthday, and in connection (being the day after her's), mine too), bringing back some horrible memories of when I was a kid ...
  4. Blogger

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Just another little something I did for the sake of doing, much like I did the formspring account.


    It'll more likely than not just be for my thoughts on some of the things announced for Black and White at the moment, and will probably only be used for thoughts on games and such. I've no interest in telling people about my life, because I know no one wants to know. xD

    I may also ...
  5. Looking for Opinions

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I've been thinking lately about the name of the Region for Pokemon Tales... and have decided that since "Shirei" was really only a place-holder to begin with and doesn't really have any underlining meaning, I'll be changing it. Pretty soon.

    I have a single idea on what to name it, mainly based on a certain location in the real world:

    But I don't know... Looking at Shirei, it actually sounds like it could very ...
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