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Meandering Musings


  1. Black Friday Cometh

    [B]The following is a story from Black Friday 2005. It is written by me based completely on my experiences as a shopper that morning.[/B]

    Black Friday & the 'Maul'
    Current mood: sore
    Black Friday: The day after Thanksgiving in which the majority of shopping locations institute crazy sales in order to incite paranoia, violence, and all out chaos. Boy did it work.

    3:30 AM: Morning on Friday after a night of poker playing with the In-Laws. ...
  2. Happenings as of Late

    Hey all,

    I wanted to take some time and express my excitement over all the activity currently happening on PokeFarm.

    First, and what makes this blog possible, is that I have been made an Admin - I dont know if there is a formal announcement coming or not, so I'm choosing to out myself here. That means that I'll be able to handle even more of the requests that come in for various admin-related duties. Yay for that!

    Second, my long time assistant has ...