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  1. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *hits gwen with random cardboard box*

  2. predictions of doom's Avatar

    It's kinda sad that people would value reduced prices over basic courtesy (Ie. not stepping on others). The whole physically fighting for reduced prices makes me sick.
  3. cowmoo83's Avatar
    They discount items like crazy! This is the major way for people to get their gifts for x-mas all at discounted prices! Some of the deals are amazing (especially on tech. stuff). If you look, you can find some really amazing deals!

    Yes, somebody did get trampled last year... which I think is just pathetic... I mean c'mon, how do you trample someone and not even think about going back to help the dude. What jerks.
  4. predictions of doom's Avatar
    *doesn't really understand this Black Friday madness*
    So they discount a couple items, and people line up for hours to get 'em

    Didn't someone get trampled to death last year?
  5. Pikadude609's Avatar
    They should discount everything :P. Not just 1 or so items of each thing. They are asking for fights to happen
  6. pikaluva13's Avatar
    I found it

    looks like a black eye with a scratch above on his
  7. Kurt's Avatar
    Whit...we can't see your MySpace pictures on PokeFarm... >.> lol Neat story...well, kind of; I kinda hate all that frantic Black Friday junk... *sleeps in instead*
  8. cowmoo83's Avatar
    wow... seriously, they need to make more stuff for these black friday events... or it should be first come, first serve. I'm glad I've never had to go to a black friday event... >.>

    Funny story though :P

    Shows the true nature of the common shopper!
  9. Kurt's Avatar
    Congratulations once again! And yes, you do look better in green. ^_^

    I'd say I'd be challenging you this summer, too, but first I'll have to get past whoever your new assistant is... *groan*
  10. Gouswer's Avatar
    Are 8 badge members allowed to re-challenge the gyms for fun?
  11. cowmoo83's Avatar
    You'll be seeing a challenge from me over the summer... but, yes... it is surprising how many people have changed titles gym-wise lately... things have been crazy... but I guess that's good!

    Congratz on becoming an admin!
  12. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    I still like the green. No blue... :P
  13. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *superb :P
    congrats on becoming an admin!