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Places of Pause!

[size="4"][center][font="century gothic"]places of pause[/font][/center][/size]

  1. Shut your eyes.

    I'm rather upset right now. Wanna know why? WELL TOO FREAKIN' BAD.
    Loud music is a really big help. The Legion of Doom, Underoath, Skillet, Red... I can always count on you guys~ Didn't expect a girl like me to like 'em? AHAHAHA EXCUSE ME WHILE I LAUGH.

    For starters, lemme say that I can't believe how freakin' badly I let you control me. My every action I monitored so you wouldn't become upset. What a big freakin' mistake. I was draining away my own happiness all along. You ...

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  2. So what is the forgiveness you are willing to withhold?

    [FONT="Century Gothic"]Stupid.
    I just got back from math tutoring... And I'm all sweaty and such from doing some hardcore geometry problems. Actually, it's mostly 'cause it's kinda hot oustide, and I'm wearing a sweater right now. Anyway, I have a Geomety test tomorrow, and I'm going to ace it, no matter what!
    But my math test is not what I'm here to talk about... I'm here to talk about my favorite song at the moment: [U]Why, or Why Not?[/U] by 片霧烈火。It's ...

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