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  1. Kurt's Avatar
    You own a trombone because you realized how great they are, of course. xD
  2. Kay's Avatar
    Thanks guys! That's a good start on some suggestions... Some may be a little to expensive but a couple of them look good. And musical instruments, I already explained it's too loud (), or I'd be working on all the instruments I already play. (I do own a trombone though, for some odd reason...)
    I think I might try the papercrafting idea, and if I could find some of those video games cheeeeap I'd try them too.

    I'd welcome even more suggestions if anyone has them
  3. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Just thinking though... some of the things I suggested may not be budget-friendly

    Jigsaws can be redone, as can Lego/Meccano, but the other things I suggested may become expensive - so maybe not so good when you're living off your savings.

    My sister likes Long Stitch, maybe that's up your alley?
  4. Rolytic's Avatar
    One thing I found that entertained me for a while is papercrafting. You make 3D models from printer paper. I have a shiny charmander I'm working on from some blogspot page.

    All you need is an exacto knife, glue and ability to print (hopefully in color). Other stuff is helpful, but not necessary.

    Another suggestion is one that my roommates and I do quite often: DDR. There's a version for XBOX360 and Wii (I like the 360 version better, but w/e). Once you get the initial hang of it, it helps coodination, stamina and it's kinda like running, only WAAAAAY more fun.
  5. pikaluva13's Avatar
    You could buy a wii and get Call of Duty: World at game...and i need more people to join more as in at least one person...
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    Legos rock!
    For something that would "improve your health," you could always pick up Wii Fit. I won't explain it to you; you probably already know what it is.
    Or, you could take up a musical, perhaps... xD
  7. cowmoo83's Avatar
    yeah... I hate being bored...

    But I'm sure that acting/helping at the local theater will definitely sap your time significantly while you have major fun. Honestly, I love acting, I'm just too wimpy/don't have enough time to try out for school plays and stuff like that.

    I can't really come up with anything that fun to do, but I will second Tani's idea of model building because I love to do that kind of stuff myself and especially since you're artistic, it would be great for you!
  8. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Having nothing to do annoys me as well. It's worst when you're used to having all your hours filled by work or study and then you've finished the so-called 'holiday' phase - without something to go back to.

    Theatre was one of the things I was considering trying out but as yet have not.

    I also enjoy painting miniatures (WarHammer figures - I don't know squat about the stats or specs, I just like painting the miniatures), jigsaws and lego/meccano when I'm in the mood.

    I like the idea of building models - airplanes/cars/ships, but I don't have a good workstation for it at this point in time.

    Apart from that, I've built up a collection of DS games. I haven't completed many of them, but I'm working on it.
  9. Kay's Avatar
    No problem <3
  10. meeker's Avatar
    Yes, I definitely remember you saying it wasn't a whim. I was saying that my initial warning was to confirm with yourself that it wasn't a whim. You answered that it wasn't. I however, forgot to warn about the migration, even though it isn't even my place to say so (especially since I didn't get an EYEBROW piercing), and you had taken the initiative to learn all the information that you needed. I'm sorry for any misunderstandings.
  11. Kay's Avatar
    It wasn't a whim, meeker. I did days' worth of research and I knew this was a possibility before doing it. And it's not even a big deal. No pain, minimal scarring (easily covered by light makeup), wasn't even the result of an infection. Just means I no longer have the piercing until I get it done again. The only reason I'm sad is because I liked the piercing so much and now I need to not have it till it's healed and I can have another go at it (with sterling silver or gold in case the rejection was due to a slight metal allergy). Not because there were problems, or because it was a whim gone wrong.
    Updated 09-07-2009 at 10:11 PM by Kay
  12. meeker's Avatar
    I feel like I warned you about something like this. Although, I probably left that out when I was telling you about the dangers of whims. I feel your pain though.
  13. Kay's Avatar
    Thanks for the well wishes. And yeah that's probably a good idea about trying the other side.
  14. joinred1127's Avatar
    I hope it heals well and doesn't migrate anymore. That sounds bad if the hole doesn't close and just keeps moving. :\

    Maybe you should try the other brow next time. It might have a different effect.
  15. Kay's Avatar
    Actually it was only April. It didn't move too far but far enough that it was noticeable and unsaveable.

    I feel like a part of my body is missing *cries*

    Okay so I'm being melodramatic. But still. I want it back soon.
  16. joinred1127's Avatar
    &.& Kara, your piercing. Oh noes. How far did it move since you got it, last March wasn't it?
  17. Kay's Avatar
    Aw, thanks both of you.

    I did think of that teaching idea. Unfortunately the only openings require a Master's degree.

    And anyone that disputes the validity of Tai Chi should see that incredible Tai Chi demonstration from the Beijing Olympics!!!
  18. joinred1127's Avatar
    Oh noes Kara. I'll miss your blogs very much.

    Hmm, maybe there's someway to help teach or direct a ceramics class at the local college. Then you could still throw pots and possibly earn some extra cash.

    I've always wanted to take Tai Chi as a martial art, but whenever I mention it to people, they tell me that it isn't a martial art, because you can't injure anyone with it. The ignorance of some people.
  19. cowmoo83's Avatar
    awww... too bad you don't have any $$$ to renew your subscription T.T

    And good luck making up your mind on something to do ^_^
  20. nana nettie's Avatar
    I'm excited for you and your move What a exciting new step in your life.
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