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  1. Kay's Avatar
    Haha I'm glad I'm not alone on that
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    Hi, Kay; good to see you back! Everyone answered the Pokémon questions (and since I haven't played B2/W2, I can't answer anything on that front anyway), but I will say one thing...I've thought the same things when I go back and read old forum/blog posts. :/ lol I recently started a personal website (my name .com) and I'm making sure to post about things that interest me, rather than posting specifically about myself and my life, haha.

    Cheers to upgrading to an "awesome" 2013!!
  3. Kay's Avatar
    Meeeeekerrrrr hiiiii!!!
    Thanks foranswering my questions! That's a good idea, if I can't find B&W or even just the time to play them, heh. And that was my favorite part of D/P, too - I hadn't played since R/B, so I met so many new pokes, and it was so exciting!
  4. meeker's Avatar
    It's always great to see you again, especially when you come accompanied with a blog entry. It's nice to see that some efforts made in the farm have brought back some fantastic members. I'd very much like to answer your questions, but it seems Tani's already done that for me. However, in regards to your question of whether or not you'll be lost if you skip a generation, I'd you shouldn't feel obliged to play Gen V, but it would be worth checking out a site that has a pokedex so you can learn the 'new' pokes and the 'new' movesets of Gen V.

    Let's just be honest, no pokemon could ever compare to Phanpy in regards to cuteness.
  5. Kay's Avatar
    Taaaaniiii I've missed you <3
    Thanks for the advice!! I see what you mean about the XL... I'll be keeping an eye on eBay!

    And Steve! I'm so glad you sent that message telling me that Pokefarm was up and running!
  6. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Welcome back!

    It is great to see people online again and I have been updating what I can. Expect a lot more after February (trying to close on a house right now)!
  7. Sorgatani's Avatar
    SO! Does anyone still read these blogs?
    I still do...

    If so, can any of you give some advice?
    I will try...

    Is it worth buying a (used, therefore cheaper) 3DS in order to be able to play X&Y when they come out?
    Only you can really answer that, but my recommendation is on the XL - I tried my sister's 3ds and found the screen a bit too small. In addition, the 3D is optional - most of the time, I don't even have 3D turned on.

    If I do that, will I be able to play Black&White on it?
    Yes. The 3DS can play regular DS games as well as 3DS games. It can't play GBA cartridges of course, but there are a few downloadable GBA titles.

    Is it even worth playing Black&White so long after its release?
    I'd recommend B2/W2 over B/W. I personally found a lot more to retain my interest in those than in B/W.

    Should I just only play X&Y, or will I be lost completely if I skip a gen?
    No idea, but you would be waiting until October, so you have a while to think about it.

    And most importantly, are there any new Pokemon that threaten Phanpy's rightful claim to the Throne of Best Cutest Most Awesome Pokemon Ever?!
    If you read Gen VI discussions, people seem very receptive to Fennekin, but I don't think anything's really going to topple phanpy from your perch.

    Great to see you back!
  8. Kay's Avatar
    Dang, talk about getting ready early! That's awesome though. Enjoy your holidays!!!
  9. Krispy's Avatar
    Sorry to hear of your illness, but your holiday certainly sounds exciting! I did most of my shopping in August, actually. :P But I have been working more than ever to pay for them these past two weeks. My place of work is closed Christmas eve and Day though, so I am looking forward to going home as well, barring any massive snowstorms.
  10. Frawg's Avatar
    Ahh, that's funny. Me and my friends found a geocache in the woods once. we didn't even no anything about it till we found it, We just happened to stumble upon one stuffed inside of a dead tree. . . had some pretty cool kanick kanacks(spelled as I pronounce) inside of it, as well as Info about the geocache program, so we looked it up. All and all its a cool program and a decent hobby too, esp. since it teaches you stuff and gets you outdoors.
  11. Cherkat's Avatar
    Sounds like alot of fun. I might look into this myself. Congrats on the new boyfriend
  12. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    I've heard of this. Very interesting! Didn't know it was such a popular thing. It would be fun to try one day.
  13. Kurt's Avatar
    Sounds like fun, and congrats on the BF! I think there's actually a Boy Scout merit badge for geocaching now, which is purdy cool.

    @Steve: hahaha
  14. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I play this game with my cat. He uses the same cache point every day, under the fridge!
  15. laprasman's Avatar
    I do a boring version of this at school! We don't go outside or anything, we find a location on a map using longitude and latitude and stuff.
  16. predictions of doom's Avatar
    Love ( :P ) this day.
    My entire school was covered in love, and in tons of different languages. My fav that I had written on my arm has to be the Hebrew.
  17. Bobreeder's Avatar
    This whole new forum thing has overwhelmed me too I just got my forumon to level 2! xD I have pretty much quit the TR game too, don't think much interesting is going on there now.
  18. Kurt's Avatar
    Good to hear from you again.
  19. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    We all miss you too!
  20. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    The new forum stuff is... Gaaah. Still getting the hang of it. I apparently have an award?
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