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  1. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Arr! A year later

    Avast ye scurvy cur!
  2. toys4life's Avatar
    @ Pikadude609: It's for the Pokefarm Awards that will start in January, I do believe.
  3. Nak's Avatar
    5 stars. XD
  4. Pikadude609's Avatar
    What is pokefarm elections?
  5. Krispy's Avatar
    These make me laugh. So much. Well done, both of you.
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    LOL; your strikethrough was an epic fail--should be [s].
  7. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    [striketrough]Nak, should be NAG.[/strikethrough] lol I didn't say it!
  8. KitsuneGin's Avatar
    LOL, I knew there was something fishy there...
  9. Gouswer's Avatar
    No way!!!....


  10. cowmoo83's Avatar
    speaking of this topic, thanks for telling me about this site smack dab on thanksgiving day! Yeah! Now I can celebrate two holidays on one day XP
  11. Kurt's Avatar
    She probably digs through the trash looking for SPAM... Bleh!
  12. nickgamer10's Avatar
    I wonder what she uses in her infraction brownies
  13. joinred1127's Avatar
    Oh please…

    T4L owns the artificial sweetener company. He orders Nana to use his products, or he'll put a lean on her mortgage, forcing Nana Nettie to live in the street.
  14. Gouswer's Avatar
    OMG, that is awesome O.O!

    Could we expect more ads like these :3 ?
  15. Misa Misa's Avatar
    Hahahahehehehehehihihi, my goodness, my stomach hurts
  16. mewmaster's Avatar
    Remember a vote for nana is a vote for brownies
    P.s. artificial sweeteners optional
  17. mewmaster's Avatar
    oh poor nana im on her side
  18. Nak's Avatar
    Oops, I just saw the thefuriousangel part. XD Great job you two!
  19. Nak's Avatar
    ROFL Joby!!! XD 5 stars!!! Did you make the image yourself?! Amazing! =D
  20. pikaluva13's Avatar
    LOL! i see this like a month later, but the jokes were still funny!
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