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  1. - Custom Avatar Contest -

    by , 10-03-2008 at 01:57 PM (Nuggets of Joy from yours truly!)
    Hey everybody I figured I would pop in here and let you all know that a brand new contest was just posted by yours truly!

    I've never been good at chaining and I don't have time in my hectic schedule to play my games over and over again to snag awesome TM's and items...but I can make some pretty nifty avatars for you guys. :wink:

    So if you have a moment follow this link to the [URL=""]-Custom Avatar Contest ...
  2. Rotom's Key is Mine!!!

    by , 09-28-2008 at 03:36 AM (Nuggets of Joy from yours truly!)
    Hi Everyone!

    Just thought I would let you know that I posted some screen shots and answers to questions I had been asked about Rotoms's Key...[URL=""]Here[/URL] and [URL=""]here![/URL] :)

    I received Nintendo's mystery gift tonight and could not wait to play around with all of Rotoms new guys are gonna love this ...