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Whatever our accomplishments, our sophistication, our artistic pretensions, we owe our very
existence to a six inch layer of soil – and the fact that it rains.

  1. Wheeeeeeee! xD

    Way to go Adam. As the one thousandth and first blog entry, I here by proclaim good luck to all of the next thousandth entries!

    See you all at 2000!
  2. Hey Guys, Check this Out

    You all see the little ticker in the left hand column when you are on the blog's main page? Well, it says that we have 992 blog entries on PokeFarm so far. Who do you think will be the one to post the 1000th? Hmm?
  3. I almost sorta kinda beat Kurt in a battle :D

    I had my first pokemon battle today, on Shoddy, with Kurt. I did rather well too!

    It was neck and neck, down to the last pokemon when Kurt's agility rescued him. Otherwise, I would have won. His pokemon only had 4% health left.

    Too bad I still have to breed the pokemon, because it seems like a solid team. Oh well, I already have one down. Look out PokeFarm, I have plans!
  4. Summer Soup

    Mmm, dinner tonight is a kale, carrot, and potato soup, with chicken and a hunk of bread. All from the garden, well, except for the chicken… and the olive oil. The kale makes the soup bright and tangy, and all the vegetables are in season. See soups don't have to be for the fall and winter.

    The only thing I can imagine to make it better would be using white wine fish stock instead of chicken stock and adding a dollop of Greek yogurt.

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  5. Sunglasses, Screech Owls, and Mediterranean Food (My Week in Review)

    I've had a pretty eventful week so far. It was fun I can't lie. I got a new pair of sunglasses, the screech owl returned to the woods behind my neighborhood, and our neighbors took my Mom and I out to get some Mediterranean cuisine for dinner.

    It was rainy all week, which is weird weather to purchase sunglasses in, but we just happened to be near the outlets and thought about stopping in. I've needed sunglasses all season. I'm sick and tired of having to squint at the pool or at the
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