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  1. platinum's Avatar
    @Adam: Well sorry. I didn't even know that.
  2. pikaluva13's Avatar
    @platinum: Bobreeder's not American, so i doubt he cares less about Obama...
  3. platinum's Avatar
    Vott- Well that's okay. A New Year means you start off on a clean sleight. Hopefully it will be better.

    Bobreeder- Well for the next few days, all you can do is hope. I hope that Obama will be able to fix the things that made America worse than what it should be. I wish it'll be the best year in all of our lives.

    Gunshin- I'm looking forward to 2010 too. I also agree, 2009 was actually kind of awkward. I mean like with all this stuff going on. You're also right. Don't party too much and stay wawy from one too many eggnogs.
  4. Vott's Avatar
    2009 for me wasn't very good :s, 2010 will be better lol
  5. Bobreeder's Avatar
    2010 will hopefully be the best year of my life until now, as we hope to not be hindered by as many problems with the boat as this year...
  6. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    2009 was a very awkward year I'd think...I'm looking forward to 2010 too one year closer to 2012. lol Don't party too hard this new years nana!
  7. nana nettie's Avatar
    Yes Cherkat, I am very proud of her, and the fact that she mentioned it on her own makes it even better.
    Kurt - Yes it takes a lot of work, but it is for a very good cause. The weather was good to us this year, but my feet were not very happy by the time I finally got home on Sunday That's great that you are involve, I hope you continue to give you support!
    Thanks cowmoo's good to be back (or not so busy)
  8. cowmoo83's Avatar
    wow... you've had a busy leave! And it's just great that you support such an amazing cause by giving so much of your time! I'm glad you're back!!!
  9. Kurt's Avatar
    Good to see you around again.

    You're the co-chair of the entire event?! Dang; that must take a lot of work, but it's for a great cause--I've been involved with RFL for 9 years now. ^_^ This year's kinda stunk; the weather caused us to leave early (Dad and I normally stay for the entire 24 hours plus some for set-up/tear down). :[ I think Locks of Love has been there on a few occasions, as well.
  10. Cherkat's Avatar
    Wow. What an amazing gesture of humanity from someone so young She looks beautiful with both long and short hair.
  11. nana nettie's Avatar
    Thanks all for the wishes. The Wedding was awesome! I hope to write about it and post pictures as soon as I can get some free time.
  12. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Have a wonderful weekend, Nana!!!
  13. Momtaro's Avatar
    May it ( from today on) be smooth sailing for you AND your beautiful daughter!
  14. Kay's Avatar
    *sends lots of love and stress-free calmness your way*
    Have fun!!! It's going to be beautiful.
  15. joinred1127's Avatar
    OMG! Take pictures! I want to see that cake!

    Hope this is your daughter's most special day. Cheers!
  16. Kurt's Avatar
    I believe it's us PokeFarmers who should be wishing you a wonderful weekend!
  17. Momtaro's Avatar
    snif.... thanks! ... that was so sweet, now the pressure is on! lol! *gets out pen and thinking cap*
  18. meeker's Avatar
    *nods in agreement*
  19. Cherkat's Avatar
    Agreed We need a Momtaro rant and rave blog. Come on Momtaro, make us smile
  20. Pikadude609's Avatar
    @Tani. For fleeing shinies i would try a quickball. As them pokes only know teleport
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