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Be Happy

Life is a precious thing. Enjoy it! For a few years now, my Sister and I have been doing something that makes us happy, and I wanted to share our story.
Pay it Forward!
I'm sure you've seen the movie, or heard people talk about it, but have you ever done it? We do. My Sister likes to visit Starbucks (on a daily basis) and every time she goes through the drive thru, she pays for the car behind her. I also visit Starbucks, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and just about every drive thru in town. Which ever one I'm at during the week, I pay for the car behind me.
Now, I'm sure you are wondering why, or what we get from it? Happiness! It is a feeling of doing something nice, and putting a smile on someone's face, or turning a bad day into a good day for someone else.
Why not try it? See how it makes you feel. Make yourself feel good on the inside, and make someone happy!

Be Happy!

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