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  1. Brace Face

    We have our first tween milestone, braces.
    My 10 year old son got phase 1 of braces today. 4 top, 4 bottom and 4 brackets on his back molars. He will wear these for 18 months, rest for awhile and then go to phase 2, braces on all teeth. He was able to choose his colors, blue and yellow, he is a big UCLA fan

    Next tightening he will choose red and green for Christmas.

    Right now he is dealing with pain and discomfort. I'm sure that in a week or so, the ...
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  2. Disneyland

    We went to Disneyland yesterday! It was awesome. The park is so geared for an experience. Every ride is so thoughtfully planned and executed. The park is immaculate. The crowds however can be a bit overwhelming.

    We were on a raft heading towards Tom Sawyer Island when the earthquake hit. We had no idea, until we hit solid ground, that an EQ had happened. Next, every ride was shut down for inspection, 1 1/2 hour of crowds milling, shopping and eating, we almost left but we ...
  3. Avatar 3-D

    Wow! What an incredible cinematic experience.

    For anyone thinking about going, do see it in 3-D and be prepared to be amazed
  4. Fall BaseBall

    It's Fall ball time here in Santa Clarita and I must say that I am loving every minute of the experience.

    First of all, I love Fall, period. It's my absolute favorite season.

    Back to ball, Riley is playing for the Mets. He is one of the best players on the team, quite a departure from his Spring ball experience.

    Today he hit a triple, got out of a pickle with a classic "hook slide" to home, stole many bases, pitched an inning and struck out ...
  5. Disney/Pixar's Up

    Sweet, funny, visually stunning, this sums up the film.

    As much as UP is billed as a child's film, I was moved to tears on three separate occasions.

    The love story between Carl and Ellie, the sadness of Russell yearning for his absent father. The symbolism of Carl and his house

    Kevin trying to get home to her babies, and Doug just wanting a loving and accepting master, sigh, I'm tearing up again

    So much deep fare for a children's ...
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