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Words From The Pokemon League Judge

Read the words of the man in charge. Posts in this blog will be about the state of the PokeFarm.

  1. Pokemon Eggs

    I am happy to report that the Pokemon Egg system is now 85% functional. Why only 85% you say? Well...

    As it currently stands now every member is given a free egg just for being a member. Until the end of 2010 these eggs will contain Kanto starters. Once 2011 begins the Pokemon will change to Jhoto starters.

    While you peruse the forum there is a 1:150 chance of finding a random egg as long as there is space in your Pokemon party. This egg will contain one of five random ...
  2. October Contest

    Check out our new contest for the month of October!
  3. Origins Game Fair

    I will be attending the Origins Game Fair in Ohio this year. If you will be in attendance as well please let me know and we may be able to arrange some sort of informal get together.

    In other news...

    I am reworking the mission system in the Team Rocket Game. If you go to the beta site you will see that missions are now town based so that you must be in a certain town to do certain missions.

    Missions also have requirements. some missions require items ...
  4. Biting the Bullet

    Well, since I couldn't find the Leafeon and Glaceon plushies at a reasonable price I went ahead and did a buy it now on an auction for both of them. I really hate paying so much for $10 plushies but they are not due to hit America for a while.


    In other news I am still going forward with my divorce, that is the reason I have not been very active on here as of late.
  5. Looking for...

    I'm looking for some Pokemon plushies (not the Hong Kong fakes) of the following Pokemon:

    Shaymin (both forms)

    If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it!
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