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Words From The Pokemon League Judge

Read the words of the man in charge. Posts in this blog will be about the state of the PokeFarm.

  1. Harder then I thought

    I am seven badges into my challenge playthrough on Ruby and I have to say that it has been much harder than I anticipated.

    While going for speed my Pokemon have suffered on the EXP side. I have two high level Pokemon and the rest are ten levels behind.

    While I have had no problem covering the HMs in my party I have suffered in that some of the better dual types and Pokemon that evolve via trading are out of my reach.

    I still have not acquired a Pokemon ...
  2. Gen III Challenge

    Today I dug out my old Gen III Pokemon GBA games. It was kind of weird playing them in no small part due to the fact that most of the Pokemon I used to use back then have made their way to later games via the PalPark and its iterations.

    Even though my Emerald game has a full Pokedex there were only a handful of Pokemon on the chip. Same goes for my copy of Leaf Green. Just a couple of middling Pokemon on those old chips. When I popped in Ruby I was shocked to see that I had restarted ...