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  1. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I whited out while delivering the Devon Goods to captain Stern in Slateport. Those two Team Magma Grunts were too much for my weakened team.
  2. Sorgatani's Avatar
    Oh no! Poor pokemon!
  3. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    It is with great sadness that I must inform all of you of the demise of both Derpy and Harry. They were killed while going for the Knuckle Badge in Dewford.

    Time: 2:01
    Pokedex: 9


    Ziggy - Zigzagoon L8
    Beeyotch - Whismur L10
    Grub - Dustox L12
    Roko - Geodude L8
  4. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Rustboro gym complete!

    Time: 1:12
    Pokedex: 6

    Grub - Cascoon L7
    Ziggy - Zigzagoon L8
    Harry - Taillow L9
    Derpy - Mudkip L14

    No one has died since Wingul. I did have a scare when Derpy was poisoned while traversing Petalberg Woods.
  5. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    A bug Pokemon kills a flying Pokemon? How insulting!
  6. Viperizer's Avatar
    Crits that kill off a Pokémon are the absolute worst!
  7. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Less than 20 minutes in and I am down one Pokemon, Wingul.

    I was so happy to catch one and now she is gone. Poor Gabby, done in by a Wurmple who scored a critical hit.
  8. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    Oh, then I would switch out for Taillow :P
  9. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Except that under the challenge rules if you take Mudkip you can't take Wingul. No more than one Pokemon of each type allowed.
  10. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    What I usually do is get a pokemon that's beneficial for the first gym. (Treeko or Mudkip) Then I catch a pokemon in one of the first few routes that will be beneficial for the second gym. (Wingull) And I place that secondary pokemon in the first spot, switching into my mudkip every pokemon. This way your First Pokemon and Second pokemon generally stay the same level. Once I beat the first gym with Mudkip and Wingull I will catch a pokemon for the third gym (Since I don't need it because Mudkip will be Marshtomp by then I can get a fighting pokemon to defeat Norman. Electric pokemon for Flying Gym, Poocheyena will be good against the psychic gym because of his attack, speed, and Crunch. Then Water would be hard with Mudkip but you can always catch grass pokemon along the way.

    That allows me to complete Ruby/Sapphire in about 6 hours or 7.
  11. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Finally beat Altaria. Had to burn two hours training before I was strong enough to beat the gym.
  12. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    Now I'm stuck on the Flying gym. Altaria keeps knocking me out. Tried to Disable her Earthquake but my attack always misses on that one.
  13. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I picked up an Abra/Kadabra as my psychic Pokemon. He can't hit his final form but Kadabra should be good enough for story mode.
  14. TheNinjaPhoenix's Avatar
    Slakoth is caught in Petalburg Woods - the other two are obtainable by trade or evolution only, I believe.
  15. Sorgatani's Avatar
    I thought Slakoth were in the forest... as far as I know they're not swarm mons *looks it up*
    Yep, Petalburg Woods.
  16. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    When does Slaking become catchable? You get Rock Smash after your third gym badge.
  17. Deneves's Avatar
    Picking your water type seems to be the hardest decision. Wingull/Pelipper are water types that can't lean Waterfall or Dive and Gyarados is a flying type that can't learn Fly so neither would be a good choice.
  18. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    I'm fairly sure Walrein can be Dive/Waterfall, Slaking can Rock Smash/Strength, Sceptile can Cut, Skarmory can Fly and Hariyama can Surf. There's only 7 HMs, right? Oh yeah, Sableye can learn Flash.
  19. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    The only problem I see is that you will not acquire your second Pokemon until the second gym. Will you have enough Pokemon for HMs?
  20. pokemonpal7's Avatar
    Flygon [Ground/Dragon]
    Hariyama [Fighting] (Surfer)
    Skarmory [Steel/Flying] (Flyer)
    Sceptile [Grass] (Cutter)
    Torkoal [Fire] (Glacia/Steven Killer)
    Sableye [Dark/Ghost] (Phoebe Killer)
    Walrein [Water/Ice] ( Drake Killer)
    Armaldo - [Bug/Rock] (Glacia Killer)
    Grumpig - [Psychic]
    Manectric - [Electric]
    Slaking - [Normal]
    Seviper - [Poison]

    That's my plan, feel free to point out any problems
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