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  1. Gen III Challenge

    Today I dug out my old Gen III Pokemon GBA games. It was kind of weird playing them in no small part due to the fact that most of the Pokemon I used to use back then have made their way to later games via the PalPark and its iterations.

    Even though my Emerald game has a full Pokedex there were only a handful of Pokemon on the chip. Same goes for my copy of Leaf Green. Just a couple of middling Pokemon on those old chips. When I popped in Ruby I was shocked to see that I had restarted ...
  2. Kinect

    Today I managed to snag a Kinect for the Xbox360. I've had mixed emotions about this peripheral but I decided to give it a chance.

    The pack-in game (Kinect Adventures) is decent as a pack-in but I was expecting something more like a Wii Sports game (As the PS3 did with Move) and this game had the feel of Wii Sports (tech demo) but there was no standout minigame like bowling.

    I also picked up the fitness game put out by Ubisoft and boy am I tired! This is hands down ...
  3. Pokemon Eggs

    I am happy to report that the Pokemon Egg system is now 85% functional. Why only 85% you say? Well...

    As it currently stands now every member is given a free egg just for being a member. Until the end of 2010 these eggs will contain Kanto starters. Once 2011 begins the Pokemon will change to Jhoto starters.

    While you peruse the forum there is a 1:150 chance of finding a random egg as long as there is space in your Pokemon party. This egg will contain one of five random ...
  4. October Contest

    Check out our new contest for the month of October!
  5. Origins Game Fair

    I will be attending the Origins Game Fair in Ohio this year. If you will be in attendance as well please let me know and we may be able to arrange some sort of informal get together.

    In other news...

    I am reworking the mission system in the Team Rocket Game. If you go to the beta site you will see that missions are now town based so that you must be in a certain town to do certain missions.

    Missions also have requirements. some missions require items ...
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