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  1. Nuzlocke on Ruby

    Just dug out my old GameBoy and it is time to Nuzlocke!
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  2. Harder then I thought

    I am seven badges into my challenge playthrough on Ruby and I have to say that it has been much harder than I anticipated.

    While going for speed my Pokemon have suffered on the EXP side. I have two high level Pokemon and the rest are ten levels behind.

    While I have had no problem covering the HMs in my party I have suffered in that some of the better dual types and Pokemon that evolve via trading are out of my reach.

    I still have not acquired a Pokemon ...
  3. Forum Stuff

    Just a quick reminder to everyone that stuff happens in the Blogs and Groups as well as the forum itself. If you use the Tapatalk browser to read the forum you will not be able to see all the extra stuff happening!
  4. Looking for...

    I'm looking for some Pokemon plushies (not the Hong Kong fakes) of the following Pokemon:

    Shaymin (both forms)

    If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it!