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  1. Pokemancer's Avatar
    Very nice spiel, Meeker! I may have to bust out my own copy of Red and start a new game - eventually! My son's pretty much done with it anyway since we got him Diamond, then Platinum, then HeartGold and finally Black.
    Wish I knew what happened to my copy of Crystal, though.
  2. Frawg's Avatar
    Preach Meeker preach. The only thing that keeps me sondevoted tonPokemon is the nostalgia I get when I think of Pokemon: Red Version on my gameboy color. Everything had a redish tint to it, the 8-bit soundtrack was fantastic. I miss them. I caught 'em all. All 150. Recently Insaw a video that was displaying the Pokemon games through the generations and there was one section where they showed the title screen of red version. Red was standing there and various pokemon were cycling through beside them and I got nailed with nostalgia.
    Respect the classics! /ramble.
  3. soccergurl22's Avatar
    I agree with you...and reading that made me feel a bit nostalgic...I'll have to dust off my Pokemon Yellow and take for another spin!
  4. meeker's Avatar
    Well, it looks like wifi is back up for my Plat. So, I'm guessin'/hopin' that everything else is up and runnin' again. YAY for those hours of sheer terror.
  5. Kurt's Avatar
    To those of you reading this entry, meeker and I did some searching around, and it looks like all of Nintendo Wi-Fi is down. Stay tuned to the Tweetboard tab on the index or the forum Twitter account (@pokefarm) for developments. (:
  6. becnoir's Avatar
    Thats a very nice blog Meeker! Great effort!
  7. rj61's Avatar
    It sounds like you had an action packed year meek.
  8. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    That's great... wonder the effort you put into finding those links...


  9. TheMonsterAtlas's Avatar
    what about limes? o_O
  10. joinred1127's Avatar
    Wheeeeeeeeeeee! xD Go Meeks!
  11. cowmoo83's Avatar
    yay! another anniversary! This is like the week of members joinery or something :P

    wow... I didn't get a red squiggley line under joinery... is it actually a word?! :/
  12. meeker's Avatar
    Hush hush hush
  13. Kurt's Avatar
    I didn't either, LOL. ^_^;
  14. pikaluva13's Avatar
    i only didn't becase when i posted the one, it becomes extremely obvious
  15. meeker's Avatar
    Well, it is one of those things that comes with the pokefarm support thingymajig. I've noticed that when some people do get the blog through that, they usually wind up writing a blog about it. I guess I just did my part.
  16. Rolytic's Avatar
    My goodness, I may die of shock! You have a blog - again!
  17. joinred1127's Avatar
    Uh, we knew that… Meeks.
  18. meeker's Avatar
    Thanks to unpaid programming, we have achieved our goal of banning Meditites from little battles. Thank you for your cooperation. We hope to suspend munchlax soon as well.
  19. XD001's Avatar
    ~Ramsay throws a Canadian Ball~

    That'll work...
  20. rj61's Avatar
    Oooh Poor Brady maybe you should try again.
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