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Where knowing everything means
Knowing nothing

  1. meeker is... in the past I've lied. I created a false identity to obscure my true identity. I did so because I was having some issues dealing with myself. Let's just say I had a really low opinion of myself and wanted to pretend to be someone I looked up to in real life. I'd really appreciate it if this fact doesn't become the subject of contention, and that it will NOT be discussed further.

    Being honest - I am a nineteen year old male currently enrolled in my first year in the California ...
  2. Respect the Classics

    We're all here because we share a common interest .
    No? Then educate yourselves
    Strangers who do not know of our love of the game
    to the internet you must go.
    love the game as we do and
    you shall be accepted with open arms
    know the difference between a caterpie and a weedle
    (the latter has a cone shaped needle on its head but the former truly
    rules) Caterpie evolves into Metapod
    and Weedle evolves into Kakuna.
    so, to achieve this, you ...
  3. Meekly Updating

    What can I say about that? I've had in the past couple of months, 3 computer crashes which eventually resulted in having to clear my entire hard drive, and a wireless connection crash of sorts resulting in the purchase of a new wireless connecting leading to the unspeakable misfortune of having a router that is for some reason compatible with all of my gaming systems except for my DS lite... Needless to say, this explains my lack of activity on the forum. I hope that sooner than later I shall be ...
  4. Quick Question (1)

    Is it just me or did the holiday season just blow by this year?
  5. Wi-Fi is futile

    Breaking news. Pokemon games from certain members and probably all pokegamers out there are now realizing:

    has pokemon been disconnected from wifi forever, or is it just a temporary glitch. Only time shall tell.

    EDIT: Well, it looks like all DS games are down. I'm guessin' that's a good sign.

    Updated 08-26-2010 at 12:56 AM by meeker

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