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Where do these go?

I guess I'll dump them here

  1. A Year in the Life of...

    Date Joined PF: 8/23/08
    Date First Friendship Was Made: 8/24/08
    Date Joined Beginner's Group: 8/24/08
    Date First Post Was posted: 8/24/08
    Date Created First Thread: 9/02/08
    Date First Farm Event Opened: 10/26/08
    Date First Art Thread Was Created: 11/17/08
    Date Thought About Truly Joining PF: 2/5/09
    Date First Felt Undeserving: 2/7/09
    Date Received The Keys: 2/14/09
    Date Truly Did Join PF: 2/15/09
    Date Took Advantage

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    Where do these go?
  2. Change in Pace

    Well, to satisfy the need to write a blog, yet being unable to think of anything, I'll might just write about one of my favorite mangas. Konjiki no Gash!! I'm not sure whether I should be discussing each chapter, or the each book separately. So, I'll want some input from you guys.

    Let's start with some background:

    Every one thousand years, 100 demon children, known as mammodo in american anime, come to earth to battle for the throne of the Demon World. The weapons in which

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    Where do these go?
  3. Congratulations! I'm Depressed!

    Bleh! I'm trapped by my emoness. Cheer me up. Anything will suffice. I can't offer a shiny like Vis did when she was down, though. But I am offering a very special Smoochum!


    Wish~ My only

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    Where do these go?