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Inside the mind of the PocketFox

What's next?!

  1. Tiiiiirrrrred...

    I apologize for my absence as of late.
    I've gone back to work.
    I am tired.
    Well not so much tired, as I am sleepy.
    Not having a car takes its toll on you.
    I have to get up at 4 to be at work by 6.
    Least there's always something to look forward to:
    1. Teh Monies
    2. More time to do stuff when I get home.

    I have not completely strayed from teh Pokémanz.
    I am currently breeding for CFF's next event!
    *GASP* ...
  2. To my mom.

    Happy 40th Birthday, ama!

    Aunque usted no aprecia el amor que yo le expreso, la amo mucho de todos modos.

    Your Eldest.
  3. Dear Professor Oak,

    Please make a "multiple release of Pokémon" feature.
    *is stuck with releasing 6 boxes worth of Pokémon... one by one...*

    Frustrated in So.Cal.,
  4. Guess who's back?

    Back again.
    Jenny's back!
    Tell a friend.
  5. Work Work Work

    I apologize for my absence.
    Overtime and early rising sure does take a toll on the body and mind.
    Sometimes I feel like dropping everything and run out of the building... screaming.
    I gotta do what I gotta do.
    So yeah,
    If you're wondering where I have gone... now you know.

    P.S. Every once in a while you'll catch sight of the elusive Yennyfur on Skype. >.>
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