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The Book of PocketFox

*scribbles in book*

  1. *Buzz*

    Busy week!
    CODMW2 is coming out on Tuesday!
    So is Monster's Inc and Up (Blu-ray), I believe.
    Gotta head down to Toys R Us sometime this week.
    My birthday is on Saturday!
    I'm usually excited but I'm not...
    The thing that's got me worried/nervous this week is my pre-deposition meeting with my attorney. I'm sure its nothing to worry about but I can't help it.
  2. Down with the Sickness

    My everything hurts.

    The sniffles.

    My head hurts.

    I have a sore throat.

    In and out of sleep.


    Being sick...
    is no fun.

  3. Surfing the Net: Wii Style

    I'm using the internet channel on the Wii to type this!

    My God, this is taking forever to write...

  4. Beyond the gray sky...

    My day started of horrible...

    then went to terrible...

    but just when I thought my day was just gonna continue to go downhill...

    My friends baby is born.
    I am sent pictures of his BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Kenley.


    Not even a day old yet and she has already put a smile on my face.
  5. 365 days of Fantastic Fun on the Farm!!!

    I had been so excited these past two weeks about sayin two words. Now I can say them.

    and they are...


    It has been a year since I've joined this forum.

    A toast!

    *raises glass filled with apple cider :P*

    To the end of a great year on this forum...
    and the start of another!

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