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  1. Cherkat's Avatar
    *leaves a caffeinated beverage of Jenny's choice, along with a bottle of B vitamins*
  2. Kurt's Avatar
    *randomness, love, and the like*
  3. Kay's Avatar
    *leaves love* <3
  4. Killerjeff88's Avatar
    wish her happy bday for me ^_^
  5. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    I have yet to complete my Pokédex...
  6. NikolaTesla's Avatar
    Gotta Catch 'em all! All 493 of them /_\
  7. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    Thank you Tani!
    Your words are very comforting.
  8. Sorgatani's Avatar
    As you release pokemon, think of the following; that it may bring you comfort:

    Think of the box space.
    Think of the box space.

    Man this is monotonous.

    But think of the box space
  9. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    off all the friends to tell... you had to call me, huh.
    and jes.
    she is back.
  10. Bobreeder's Avatar
    *calls Jenny*
    Jenny's back!
  11. NikolaTesla's Avatar
    I heard TFA is back.
  12. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    Thanks for the warm welcome back, you guys!
    Time to get back to my Pokémans!
  13. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    *pokes head in*


    *pokes head out*
  14. Crymzon1980's Avatar
    Time for you to clock in the farm and get workin Welcome back
  15. cowmoo83's Avatar
    *goes to tell a friend*

    Welcome back, Jenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, the exclamation points are needed... Jenny's back, didn't ya' here?)
  16. Ryan493's Avatar
    "Brother, my Brother. Tell me what are we fighting for? Isn't life worth so mush more?"
    Hehe, felt tempted to say that.
    Anyway...yay! Jenny's back!
  17. Kurt's Avatar
    "We're brothers forever
    BEST FRIENDS!!! 'til the end of time
    Singing the songs, the music that you loooooooove"
  18. Cherkat's Avatar
    Welcome back Jenny I'm sure that you have some tale's to tell
  19. pikaluva13's Avatar
    She said friend, not fail kurt
  20. Kurt's Avatar
    *calls Adam*
    Guess who's back?
    Back again.
    Jenny's back!
    Tell a friend!
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