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  1. Blog Interview #17: Jeff.

    1. Write a summary of yourself.

    Well...let’s see...I'm Jeff from Malaysia. 22 years old, Chinese. Currently studying Games Design in Multimedia University.
    Gym Assistant for Circuit Gym (Water Pokémon rock!)
    Spend most of my time gaming and collecting data/statistics of all my opponents (I know...I'm a nerd).

    2. What’s your favorite Pokémon?
    Well I don't really have any favorites because I like them all. But if I were to choose for a companion ...
  2. .....Excuse me.

    I burped while being at my moms' friend's house in a party. How embarrasing )_).
  3. Some stuff...

    Havent been blogging for while...Well Spring Break is here

    *Solves rubik's with new record 48 secs" ( I are nerd :P)...Hooray

    *Listens to every song i wanted to listen*

    *completes Fire Red...again*

    *Completes Sapphire....again*

    *Solves rubik's cube again*

    ...Well....I didn't everything i wanted to do for my spring break.....but now I am really bored.

    So basically these are my plans ...
  4. 2009 review

    Yaya my 150th Blog

    Yeahs it like a review over what happen a few years and stuff lol.
    I know its a little to late but I forgot .

    Anyways, Lets Get sarted.

    The great things that happen to me over 2009 :
    1. Meeting New friends

    2. Winning the Icon Contest (checks off list)

    3. Making new Sprites that rocks

    4. Learning how to Swim

    5. Restarted my blog interviews again (btw, ...
  5. The most Uber Sprite ever created o_0

    That right there my firend, Is the Best Sprite ever created in life :O.

    Its starts around 3:00
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