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    hee hee hee hee, that's quite the unique name, I like it, ha ha XD
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    I knew that one day a Magnezone would just go berserk. Just look at it.
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    Batman? What you talkin' bout Willis?
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    I found a nest of Pidgeys behind a shrub, and they really need a home. Can 10 random friends come and pick them up?
  10. Kurt's Avatar
    *mind is given horrific images of PokeFarmville*

    Welcome back!
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    You mad tagger!
  12. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    You mad tagger!
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    Weeeell... Best blog TITLE, maybe.
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    I'd donate if i had the ability, but alas, I do not

    However, I've posted it on several sites and it's in my sig right now (if it's against the rules then oops )
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    Hahahahahaha, awesome xD
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    Poor Snorlax
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    Tricksy little Pokemon, that Mew... tut tut
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    Transform FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NikolaTesla
    The correct answer is Mew. Thanks for playing.
    You know, that would have been my first guess.
  20. NikolaTesla's Avatar
    The correct answer is Mew. Thanks for playing.
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