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  1. Ah, the joys of high school scheduling...


    This school year, our district switched from two 18-week semesters to a trimester schedule of 3 12-week blocks. In theory, it's supposed to give us more credits and more opportunities for electives. However, it hasn't gone as smoothly as one could hope... :/

    With trimesters, most core classes are two-tri courses. That means that you have to take the class in two different trimesters. With the way scheduling works, though, it makes it possible to take a class ...
  2. The Little Table

    Hello, everyone! I am posting to let you know of a new, special subforum here on PokeFarm.
    The Little Table, as it is called, is a subforum designed especially for teenagers who "are ready for the harder part of growing up." A point to make note of is that religion and politics topics will be allowed in that subforum as long as things don't go out of hand (personal attacks, etc.).

    Think you'd like to be a part of The Little Table? Please make sure of the following: ...

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