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  1. joshw2011's Avatar
    why do you have a different picture in blog from your profile
  2. predictions of doom's Avatar
    'grats on the Eagle Scoutness- you've definitely worked for it.

    Ahahaha, becoming a counsellor so that you can travel to Europe? Sounds like a great plan.
  3. Kurt's Avatar
    No! Everything was really goooooood.
  4. N0t2f34r's Avatar
    Wow. The pictures were enticing enough. What a great experience! Did you eat anything... questionable? XD
  5. Kay's Avatar
    Congrats on getting Eagle! That's awesome.

    Your trip sounds amazing! I glanced through some pictures, beautiful stuff you got to see. That's awesome you got to have such an amazing experience!
  6. Kurt's Avatar
    They only designate a salutatorian when there's only one valedictorian, which is likely almost never.
  7. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    So who gets the salutatorian spot?
  8. Kurt's Avatar
    @Kay: There have been discussions of the lack of much competition in the valedictorian status at our school, but it hasn't been changed.
    @Steve: That's also been mentioned (that it lessens the value of being one). For what it's worth, my ACT score and AP classes put my rank in the top three, I think (I had the second?-highest ACT score in the class).
    If you're referring to Columbus, Ohio...then no, since I'll be in Europe then, haha.
  9. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I thought valedictorians were like highlanders? There can be only one! Seems like it lessens the value of it.

    Any chance of being near Columbus at the end of the month?
  10. HMTKSteve's Avatar
    I thought valedictorians were like highlanders? There can be only one! Seems like it lessesns the value of it.

    Any chance of being near Columbus at the end of the month?
  11. Kay's Avatar
    ^AP/Advanced courses were worth more. Not just worth...
  12. Kay's Avatar
    Dang, I've never heard of that. I've always seen it be done very picky - 4.0 (or 5.0 if on a 5 point scale) can only be achieved if you make all 100s in every class, and AP/Advanced courses were worth.

    That's still awesome you managed a 4.0 though! Mad props to ya.
  13. Kurt's Avatar
    That's a good point--would certainly make the ceremony shorter...
    (Mine wasn't amazing, but I really liked it--it was basically an extended metaphor for music = life, haha. My favorite one had to do with cereal, written by one of the smartest and nicest girls I know. ^_^)

    We get percentage grades, but anything in an A range is a 4.0 (which is generally 90%-100%).
  14. predictions of doom's Avatar
    Meh, I'd rather elect one really good speaker than have 13 decent speeches, plus your amazing one, to sit through.

    So you don't get percentage grades throughout the year? I guess that makes more sense; I was picturing 15 people with straight 100%.
  15. Kurt's Avatar
    You elect them??? Crazy... Our valedictorians are decided purely upon grade point average. Since our class has so many graduates, you basically have to get a 4.0, which is all As (A-minus included). Technically, you could take four years of blow-off classes (although you'd still have to meet graduation requirements) and do it, but I think anyone who would think about doing so would be too lazy to follow through with it, anyway.

    Commencement was rather long; close to two-and-a-half hours after 14 valedictorian speeches (one declined the offer to speak), our class president's speech, our principal's speech, and then receiving diplomas (or rather, empty diploma folders-or-whatever-you-call-them xD; we didn't get our physical diplomas until we turned in our gowns at the end).

    Thanks--I'm sure I will have fun! xD
  16. predictions of doom's Avatar
    I'm confused- Valedictorians are the ones with the highest averages? I'm pretty sure that we elect ours at my school. And how are your averages calculated?

    Anyways, it sounds like your commencement must've been pretty long.
    Good job with the Eagle Scout Project, and have tons of fun in Europe!
  17. Kurt's Avatar
    Thanks! ^_^

    Out of our 369 graduates, 15 of us had 4.0s. They don't weigh AP classes, ACT scores, etc. in that (yeah, I know not everyone cares for that way of doing it :P).
  18. Kay's Avatar
    Congrats on graduating!!! And your trip sounds amazing, wow!

    But... How does a school have 15 valedictorians?? You each made a perfect 4.0 and took the exact same number of AP/advanced courses??
  19. Kurt's Avatar
    We haven't yet, but we may be later in the week, along with Dixie Stampede (for those who don't know, Dollywood is an amusement park and DS is a dinner/show--Adam and I went when we were four and chased chickens, hahaha).
  20. Kay's Avatar
    Hehheh did you go to Dollywood?
    My family used to go to PF a lot when I was a kid. It sher is purty. And full of Elvis fans!
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