Pics of my house. It is a work in progress
  1. This is a shot of the shed with a new roof. All that garbage is what remains of the old roof plus some odds and ends that were in the shed.
  2. Nice shot from the back. The grass has all grown back in.
  3. Yard side shot.
  4. Yes the back stairs need some work.
  5. Better shot of the shed. I did the demo work but hired a contractor to put the actual new roof on.
  6. Nice shot of the front of the house. The master bedroom spans both upstairs windows.
  7. Front porch.
  8. The staircase after I replaced over half of the treads.
  9. Bottom tread is as it was. Right above it is a sanded and sealed old tread and above that is a new tread.
  10. IMG 20130418 103129
  11. This house is so old that the stairs lack stringers.
  12. The staircase when I started.
  13. This floor was painted WHITE when I bought the house. Was a huge pain to clean and involved scraping rather than sanding the entire floor.
  14. IMG 20130417 125949
  15. Window locks on all of the windows.
  16. IMG 20130405 065953
  17. IMG 20130405 065938
  18. IMG 20130405 065946
  19. IMG 20130405 065930
  20. IMG 20130405 065910
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